Juicy Awards X/Movie of the Year – 4th Place Goes To…


I’m glad I saw this flick before the hype arrived. Ever since the release of “Swiss Army Man,” I had been a fan of the Daniels team. And after such a long wait, we received their follow-up in “Everything, Everywhere, All at Once.” How they could go bolder, bigger, and more ludicrous than “Swiss Army Man” is beyond me, but they did it. This is a brain rinse of a feature, with a chaotic narrative, oddball characters, and pervasive visuals. I was thrown in a spin watching it. Yet through the humor and lunacy, Daniels managed to produce a heartwarming family drama full of touching moments. It contains some of the best performances I’ve seen as of late, and I am inspired by the directors ability to showcase drama through comedy. The film is by far one of the most unique pieces I’ve seen in a while. However, there were just a few things I was put off by that held it back from being Movie of the Year.

The final three! We’re getting down to the wire, folks.

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