What started out as a simple Friday Movie Night at my house eventually turned into a passion for film critique.

Hey guys, my name is Harrison (aka The Juicy Reviewer) and since March of 2013 I have been reviewing various films, both old and new. There’s been inspirational viewing experiences as well as laughable blunders, all of which have sharpened my skills as a filmmaker moving forward. I implore you to peruse this site. It’s intention is both for personal fun and to aid anyone wanting to know how good a particular film is. Obviously, there’s a lot of movies out there, and I won’t get to all of them, but hopefully I have analyzed one you are inquiring about. Otherwise, take a hike!

Essentially, this site has one function: to determine what film I see is the best of the year. To get to that point, I break it down into months. All the movies I review in a given month are ranked, whereby a winner is crowned. In January of the following year, all the month winners (titled Movie of the Months) face off to declare which feature is in fact the best I have seen. It keeps the site fresh and aiming towards a goal every year; it also gives me a lot of unnecessary work from time to time…

Welcome to the world of Juicy Reviews!

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