Juicy Awards IX – Movie of the Year Winner


Excuse me? Am I reading this right? A rom-com from the late 80’s won Movie of the Year?! You best believe it.

“When Harry Met Sally…” is not only a terrific romantic comedy, but a fantastic film in general. The dialogue is witty, humorous, and genuine (incredible screenplay by Nora Ephron, coupled with the brilliant improvisation of her actors, namely Billy Crystal). The performances are top-notch, as is the chemistry shared between onscreen talents Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan. It’s endearing, heartwarming, and so funny. I loved watching this feature, as it not only jived with my sense of filmmaking/writing, but my personal life in general (2021 was a rough year, people). I’ve now rewatched the movie four times and it never gets old.

It may be the hopeless romantic in me, but I don’t care. There was no second guessing on this one. Congratulations “When Harry Met Sally…”

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