“Blue Miracle”

MOVIE REVIEW: “Blue Miracle” stars Jimmy Gonzales (Mayans M.C. [TV series], Godzilla: King of the Monsters), Dennis Quaid (Far from Heaven, The Day After Tomorrow [2004]), Fernanda Urrejola (Narcos: Mexico [TV series], Cry Macho), Raymond Cruz (Breaking Bad [TV series], Alien: Resurrection), Miguel Angel Garcia (Deputy [TV series], Die Like a Man), Anthony Gonzalez (Coco, Icebox), Nathan Arenas (Bunk’d [TV series], Diary of a Future President [TV series]), Isaac Arellanes (Ghostwriter [TV series], Cucuy: The Boogeyman), Steve Gutierrez (Snowfall [TV series], NCIS: Los Angeles [TV series]), Bruce McGill (Law Abiding Citizen, National Lampoon’s Animal House), Dana Wheeler-Nicholson (Fletch, Tombstone), and Silverio Palacios (Matando Cabos, The Legend of Zorro). It is directed by Julio Quintana (The Vessel, Wing It [Short]), who also wrote it alongside Chris Dowling (The Man from Nowhere, Where Hope Grows).

Based on a true story, an owner of a struggling orphange is given the opportunity to lift their financial burden when they are entered into an international fishing competion under a washed up boat captain.

Over a year ago, I interned at a talent agency in California named Inclusion Management. We worked out of an office building right outside the Warner Bros. lot in Burbank, and represented a majority of clients who are of minorities. My job consisted of submitting our actors to various roles in different movies and television series circling Hollywood/New York/wherever, while also doing script coverage for multiple potential projects. It was a fun experience for how short it was (due to Covid), but there was one day in particular that stuck out to me…

While working in the corner office with the other interns, I noticed our bosses watching a film in the big conference room. There was a boat and a few familiar faces (one of them being Dennis Quaid). I inquired about it, and my supervisor informed me that our company was looking at a cut for an upcoming movie featuring a few of our clients (Jimmy Gonzales and Miguel Angel Garcia). I was intrigued. Especially since it looked pretty and starred Dennis Quaid. What’s even more funny was finding out it was directed by Julio Quintana, who I met in my freshman year at college after attending a pre-screening of his film “The Vessel.” What a small world we live in…

Flash forward a year, and I come across it on Netflix while vacationing with my family. Of course, I had to see it, because… why not? Sure, it’s not the most talked about new release to come out of 2021, but whatever; it’s always cool to see the finished product of something you got a taste of long before it was released. And what do I have to say about “Blue Miracle” after seeing it? Well… it’s not too shabby.

Much like his directorial debut, Quintana boasts beautiful cinematography with a sense of faith in a story of perserverance. In the case of “Blue Miracle,” we have an orphanage on the brink of shutting down. The way out? Through a boat with a mean fisherman. It’s your run-of-the-mill, lighthearted fluff with enough sensibility to separate it from what you’d find on PureFlix. The performances hold enough weight, and the story hits all the necessary beats to keep things running smoothly. Of course, it’s predictable and the dialogue can be flat from time to time, but I found myself entertained for the most part. There’s nice humor, a wonderful atmosphere, and – as I’ve said before – great cinematography (that boat tip dream to waking up transition was the best part).

If you’re looking for a good, new family flick to fill your hearts, this may be the one for you. It isn’t spectacular, but it isn’t bad either. Really, it’s another true story feature that serves the purpose of telling the tale. Comparatively, Quintana’s “The Vessel” is a far better picture, but don’t let that stop you from watching this one. If you come across it on Netflix and are interested, check it out. FINAL SCORE: 74%= Juicy Popcorn

Here is the trailer:

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