“Man on a Ledge”


MOVIE REVIEW: “Man on a Ledge” stars Sam Worthington (Avatar, Clash of the Titans), Elizabeth Banks (The Lego Movie, The Hunger Games), Jamie Bell (King Kong [2005], Billy Elliot), Genesis Rodriguez (Big Hero 6, Identity Thief), Anthony Mackie (Captain America: The Winter Soldier, The Hurt Locker), Titus Welliver (Transformers: Age of Extinction, Lost [TV series]), Ed Harris (A Beautiful Mind, Run All Night), Kyra Sedgwick (Phenomenon, The Closer [TV series]), and William Sadler (The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile). It is directed by Asger Leth (Move On, The Ghost of Cite Soleil). Nick Cassidy (Worthington) is an ex-cop and an escape convict who is tired of running. So he decides to commit suicide by jumping off a ledge of a hotel building. As people witness him standing on the ledge, the police come in and Nick says that he will only talk to a police psychologist named Lydia Mercer (Banks). Once she arrives, the plot unravels as we see that this suicide attempt is more than what we think it is.

man on a ledge

I will try my hardest not to spoil anything for you people, but if I do end up spoiling anything, I will put a warning up. I was interested in this movie after seeing the trailer a long time ago (and I mean a LONG time ago) and I ended up finding it at the local video renting kiosk where I am vacationing. The plot seemed interesting in the trailer and once you see the whole movie, you can see the potential it has. Or could of  had, to make this review more clear (and to also foreshadow). I thought the acting was okay in this, with mainly the leads having the best performances: Worthington, Banks, Mackie, Welliver, and Harris. The rest were either fine or annoying. I also thought the shots of the building and cinematography pans were done well. Now, when I started watching this movie, I was interested. They pulled you in at the beginning, setting you up for a mystery of what is to happen. I like those starts, but where this would end up going would just make me disappointed. Basically, there are a lot of things that could’ve gone better. Plot holes could’ve been filled, and the whole flow of this movie could’ve taken a better approach. This whole movie involves this man on an edge and the twist or back story of why he is up there is mostly explained through dialogue, which I find the worst part of this film. They only had one flashback scene, which led to a plot hole that was only seen in the present time (no spoilers). I really wish they executed this movie by showing the events leading up to him on the edge instead of having him tell Lydia about it with no flashbacks. If you watch the movie, the whole thing is centered around one thing going on, with Nick Cassidy only giving some of the information of what is going on every twenty or so minutes, until it reaches its climax. Another problem I had with this movie is the characters. Man, there are so many. They had to include so many characters in this plot, but the point is, I hardly liked any of them. The only thing I was focused on was Nick on the edge talking to Lydia. Of course they needed the other characters for the endgame, but their scenes weren’t written up good at all. The only other people who get as much, or maybe more, screen time than Nick is his on-screen brother, Joey (Bell) and his girlfriend Angie (Rodriguez), who were doing something else entirely at the time. With these characters, the writers thought they’d provide some comic relief, with them bickering a lot about their relationship and whatnot, but it was annoying. I didn’t laugh once. I rolled my eyes a bunch though because of how corny and bad the writing was with them. They were important to the plot though so I had to sit there and watch them throw bad jokes at each other for over an hour. The other characters were somewhat important, but didn’t have much screen time. Ed Harris had a big part in this movie(even though he wasn’t in many scenes until the very end), and I loved his acting the most, but his character was a waste and they tried to introduce him through dialogue instead of a flashback so I really didn’t get to see build up with him. That was the same with a lot of these characters. You have to go by Nick’s dialogue to actually feel for these characters and know who they are, which is awful. On top of all of this, there were a lot of things that made no sense, like the small things. One in particular (and this isn’t a spoiler) was how when Nick prepared to go on the ledge, he cleaned his fingerprints off of everything he touched, so they wouldn’t know he was a convict, which I thought was smart. But, he didn’t where gloves when he touched all over the window and ledge to get outside. I thought that this would screw him over in the plot, but whenever the police came over, they couldn’t find a single fingerprint. Stupid, stupid, stupid. There are quite a few other ones too, including some weird directing choices, but I won’t go into those. In the end, I didn’t really care of what was going on. Everyone was having a good time in the movie, but you really didn’t care for the characters because there was no build up. I just felt like a time-waster. FINAL SCORE: 40%= Burnt Popcorn

Here is the trailer:

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