Juicy Awards VIII – Movie of the Year Winner


I’m not sure why I post the winner the day after second place is announced. By this point, everyone knows who has won (and by everyone, I mean the handful who actually read these posts). I’ll have to fix that.

Nevertheless, congratulations to “Jojo Rabbit” for taking home the coveted prize of Movie of the Year for 2020! Wow. You know, when I was watching the Best Picture nominees last year to catch up, I thought that “Parasite” had the edge on this feature. Now, after rewatching the top three flicks, I believe that “Jojo” was the true champ.

It’s bittersweet, with terrific writing and direction by none other than Taiki Waititi. The style is right up my alley, blending surface-level humor with sub-level drama to provide a story that both makes you laugh and tears your heart out. All of the performances are top-notch, including a great introduction role for Roman Griffith Davis. The musical score is also grand (Michael Giacchino, you dog) and by the end of the film you are bopping to a German version of a David Bowie song, while happy tears stream down the face.

Ah. What a movie. What a year.

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