Updated Burnt Hall of Shame

It goes without saying that you can’t have good films without bad ones. Just as enjoyable as it is for me to watch a perfect piece of cinema, it is also fun to ripe on movies that are downright atrocious (of course, the best ones are the most hilarious, but that’s beside the point). Over the course of my time on this site, I have garnered a collection of what I deemed to be some of the worst films to have been reviewed on Juicy Reviews, entitled The Burnt Hall of Shame. However, as my tastes in cinema have refined over time, I have found that more and more features have been getting placed in the Hall of Shame. It isn’t that hard, to be honest; they only have to get a score of 59% or lower. So, I took action to shorten this list and make it more difficult to get into this “coveted” section of the site, dropping the required score to 35% or lower. The list has thus shortened, making for a more focused list that is all the more respectable. Here’s the link to the newly updated page: https://juicyreviewz.wordpress.com/the-burnt-hall-of-shame/

Maybe one day I’ll refine the Juicy Hall of Fame (once more), since that section is getting bloated…we’ll see. Hope all is well with you guys!

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