The Future of Juicy Reviews and the Juicy Awards


Hello everyone. Long time, no post, am I right? (Please, don’t laugh).

It’s the weekend, and as usual I should be uploading a Friday Night Movie Review. However, it has been months since that occurrence has happened. Why? Well, I’ve been busy. The same applies to why the Juicy Awards lasted into February and my review count has diminished astronomically (let alone the timing of Movie of the Month posts). It’s been shameful to say the least, as I pride myself on punctuality and an efficiently run website. I remember the days where I planned my months of reviews, coming home on Fridays to a new flick to review and potentially another marathon to start. My life was simplistic then; all I had was high school and home life. I hardly hung out with friends outside of school and had no extracurricular activities. Instead, I watched, reviewed, and made films. It was truly enjoyable and guided me on the path that I am currently on today as a filmmaker. Unfortunately, when one walks a path, some things are left behind.

I mentioned at the start of my latest Juicy Awards that it may very well be my last. To reiterate what I stated, I essentially made the point that creating those posts takes too much time away from homework and my work life. Being as how this site offers no payment, it’s easy to disregard it when scheduling priorities. I love what I do, don’t get me wrong. To think about living a life without reviewing films seems impossible to me; when I see something, I need to talk about it, and this site offers as a perfect outlet to voice my opinion. For a while now, the positive and negative aspects of running this site have been tug-and-pulling me, forcing into question as to whether I should keep it going or not. After long thought, I have found my answer.

On March 1st, 2013 a young, fourteen-year-old boy posted to Facebook a review of “Robot & Frank.” What once started out as a hobby has slowly evolved into a passion. One year after my first review, I began to make my own short films and the rest was history. As of now, I have over thirty videos on my professional YouTube channel and two (on the verge of three) short films crafted at college. I like to acknowledge Juicy Reviews as my jumpstart; the extra push needed to lay me on the path of film. It has many memories laden within it, from reviews to marathons to the Tom Cruise page. I’ve shown many friends it throughout high school and into college, and in some cases inspiring others to post their opinions on art. With over five hundred reviews in stock, I have created an archive that I don’t want to lose.

That is why I have made the decision to continue the site. Those of you who actually read this (let alone my reviews) can rejoice. I just can’t give this up knowing that on March 1st Juicy Reviews will celebrate its five-year anniversary (and the fact that I love to review). With that in mind, please understand that my reviewing consistency won’t be as it used to be. Unless this becomes my job, I don’t think it will ever be as extensive. However, I will do my best to make sure reviews are posted every month. The goal is to reach the 1,000 review milestone. Once there, I can rest easy, because the storage on this site is slowly diminishing; to pay for it would need to be taken into consideration. But, that is for another time. For now I will be continuing the path of reviews.

As for the Juicy Awards, they don’t have a happy outcome. Posting every day in the month of January is a heck of a lot of work. With every passing year, I seem to get busier, and having to take time out of my busy schedule to post every day is ludicrous. On that same note, I do want to continue the coveted Movie of the Year. It is what this site thrives on, therefore I will continue with that award, along with a select few others (Walken’s Wild One, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting, Movie of the Month, Best Score). Hopefully this is fine with you all. Cutting down the amount of awards to these will help me immensely, and give actual meaning to my site.

Thank you all for reading this (those who have). I want you to realize how much I appreciate you. To know that anyone reads these brings great joy to my heart and harkens back to the young Juicy Reviewer with a bold heart and a bright mind (even though my analyses consisted of three sentences at most).

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