Juicy Awards III- Movie of the Year Nominees

movie of the year nominees 2


Here we are folks! The Movie of the Year race is on! All of these nominees are ordered in the months that they won, starting from January and ending in December of 2015. I will announce one placement every hour, meaning that in the next hour the thirteenth place film will be revealed, and so on with the hours remaining. I hope everyone found my third awards show to be good as it is always a pleasure to make.

  1. “The Truman Show”
  2. “Rocky”
  3. “It’s Kind of a Funny Story”
  4. “Rocky Balboa”
  5. “Whiplash” (2014)
  6. “Avengers: Age of Ultron”
  7. “Inside Out” (2015)
  8. “Ex Machina”
  9. “Mission: Impossible- Rogue Nation”
  10. “Mad Max: Fury Road”
  11. “Bridge of Spies”
  12. “The Gift”
  13. “Star Wars: Episode VII- The Force Awakens”

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