Juicy Awards V- Best Actor Winner


The two most difficult categories to decide a winner for are the Movie of the Year and Best Actor. Over the last three days, my mind has been pondering over this award as to who would receive it. All of the nominees were astounding in their performances; it’s a shame that I can’t award all twelve of them the prize. Jake Gyllenhaal is no stranger to the Best Actor award. He won it two years ago for “Nightcrawler,” and I was tempted not to let him win this time because he was a former champ. However, I swallowed that thought and moved on. Gyllenhaal’s performance was immaculate. The life he gave to his character was shattered, real, and all-too powerful. Sure, he wasn’t the main character of the film (give that credit to Amy Adams), but he was the driving force to “Nocturnal Animals” most engaging sequences. Congratulations once more Gyllenhaal.

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