“Gone in Sixty Seconds” (2000)


FRIDAY NIGHT MOVIE REVIEW: Last night I saw the movie “Gone in Sixty Seconds” which stars Nicolas Cage (National Treasure, Rage), Giovanni Ribisi (Avatar, Saving Private Ryan), Angelina Jolie (Maleficent, Mr. and Mrs. Smith), William Lee Scott (Pearl Harbor, The Butterfly Effect), Scott Caan (Hawaii Five-0 [2010 TV series], Ocean’s Eleven), James Duval (Independence Day, Donnie Darko), Will Patton (Armageddon, Remember the Titans), Delroy Lindo (Up, The Cider House Rules), Timothy Olyphant (Live Free or Die Hard, Justified), Chi McBride (The Terminal, I Robot), Christopher Eccleston (Thor: The Dark World, The Others), Vinnie Jones (X-Men: The Last Stand, Redirected), and Robert Duvall (The Judge, Jack Reacher). This movie centers around a professional car thief named Memphis Raines (Cage) who retired from the business because of all the heat that was put on him from doing the jobs. He is living a normal life until he gets a visit from an old friend named Atley Jackson (Patton) who tells him that his brother, Kip (Ribisi), has gotten himself into deep trouble after failing to steal the right amount of cars for a menacing boss named Calitri (Eccleston). They are going to kill Kip unless Memphis comes out of retirement to boost the rest of the cars that Kip didn’t get, which is fifty of them. Memphis gathers his old crew as well as getting new crew members off of Kip. The only problem with their plan is that there is a cop named Roland Castlebeck (Lindo) who is constantly keeping an eye on Memphis because of all the stuff that he did when he was still in the business.


I thought that this movie was pretty good. The story was executed well and the plot was really good. I am a fan of Jerry Bruckheimer and all of his works from Pirates of the Caribbean to National Treasure. The acting was also good, even with the weirdness that is Nicholas Cage. When it comes to action, this film falls through with big car chases as well as fight scenes that are really cool. It also was funny in parts whether it was planned or not. There was only one con that I found with this film and it was that there were some scenes in this movie that felt unnecessary or just dumb like when Nicholas Cage comes down to his crew to start their heist. He gets his friend to turn on “Low Rider” and when the song starts playing he does this weird stuff with his hands and tells them to start the heist. I don’t know why that scene was put in there, but it was. Other than that this movie was a very good movie. I don’t usually watch car movies other than reviewing “The Fast and the Furious”, but I thought that this movie pulled it off nicely when it comes to story. I recommend anyone to watch this film that hasn’t already. FINAL SCORE: 86%= Juicy Popcorn

Here is the trailer:

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