The End is Near…


Hello everyone. It’s been a while since I made a post that was not a film review or award affiliation…

For those of you who have been following my website for the past few years, you are probably aware of my desire to close shop and hang up the reviewer hat. It’s honestly something I have been contemplating since the end of my freshman year of college (way back in Spring 2017). As life marched on, I got busier, and the ample free time I had in my childhood was gone.

I love analyzing film. There was a time where I wanted to seek it as a profession. I remember during my sophomore year of college, I was given the opportunity to critique movies for our school newsletter, and it was probably one of the most exhilerating, fulfilling things I got to do while in college. However, though my desire to talk about film remained strong, the love of posting to a website regularly began to deminish.

I realize that no one is asking me to operate this site. Often I would tell my friends and family “no one reads these things anyway, so why should I keep going?” Since day one, it has been of my own volition. My own adoration. My own desire. But I have to face the facts: this love has become somewhat of a chore. And when that happens, it’s time to re-evaluate my investment.

After roughly five years of back-and-forth, I have decided to end Juicy Reviews on February 1st, 2023.

There’s a sadness in my heart about it (this is the longest commitment I have ever given to anything besides school and Jesus Christ), but it must be done. And what a way to go. By the time I wrap things up, the site will be celebrating its ten year anniversary, as well as the tenth annual Juicy Awards.

We love even numbers, and ten is a good one. But you know what’s a better number? 1,000. Yep folks, by the time this site ends, I will have hopefully reviewed my 1,000th review. That means in the span of 12 months, I will have to watch/review 148 movies… wish me luck.

I want to thank all of you who have supported this site. It means a great deal to me when you read my posts, and I hope to give you all some good content this year with more In the Director Chairs, Actor Spotlights, and a final Nostalgia Lane series.

The end is near, but the journey has been memorable. Join me on this final walk in film. I’d love to have you…

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