Juicy Awards VIII/Movie of the Year – 3rd Place Goes To…


This placement came late in the day (so late, it bled into the next day). With a real world job as lucrative as mine, and three incredible films remaining, I had to seek time to set aside to rewatch all of the top three pictures (and of course, that took a long while to get done). While their overall scores I gave them initially varied, it was still a level playing field.

In the end, I went with my gut. “Parasite” wowed me last year, lending to a fun, tense story, brilliant ensemble cast, and a fresh viewing experience that I will never forget. It won the Academy Award for Best Picture (amongst other awards), and at the time I believed it was rightfully so. Now? Maybe. But there’s still one of the nominees still left on the docket from my elimination process (“Jojo Rabbit”). Regardless of it placing third, “Parasite” is worth the watch, as it is an incredible, memorable film to witness

It all comes down to this…

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