“Rush Hour 3”

RUSH HOUR MOVIE REVIEW: “Rush Hour 3” stars Chris Tucker (Silver Linings Playbook, Jackie Brown), Jackie Chan (The Foreigner, Police Story), Max von Sydow (Minority Report [2002], Flash Gordon), Hiroyuki Sanada (The Last Samurai, The Wolverine), Yvan Attal (Munich, My Wife is an Actress), Yûki Kudô (Memoirs of a Geisha, Mystery Train), Noémie Lenoir (After the Sunset, The Transporter Refuelled), Jingchu Zhang (Mission: Impossible – Rogue One, Seven Swords), and Tzi Ma (The Farewell, Arrival). It is directed by Brett Ratner (The Family Man, Money Talks) and written by Jeff Nathanson (The Terminal, Speed 2: Cruise Control). After Ambassador Han (Man) is shot in an assassination attempt, Detectives Lee (Chan) and Carter (Tucker) come together once again to track down the people responsible, taking them to Paris, France.

What happened. Seriously Brett Ratner, what happened. I thought, if anything, the franchise would plateau, maybe only diminish in quality by a smidge. But no. “Rush Hour 3” is bad ladies and gentlemen. Pretty bad, indeed. While it has a few moments of laughs, they are far from saving this picture as the third installment of this buddy-cop franchise limps it’s way across the finish line with no remorse as to the destruction it’s left behind. Lee and Carter’s friendship, while still somewhat intact, is a shell of what it once was, as the heroes themselves suffer from lack of engagement and character depth. It’s not like I’m expecting “Schindler’s List” by the third installment (heck, that’s not what it was in the first film). But slowly, over the course of these features, the writers have taken steps to rip away certain facets of our heroes, leaving them to be mere caricatures of what once was. I noticed it in the second outing, and it’s clearly noticeable in this. All the two leads are good for is making wise-cracking comments and getting themselves in tough situations. But it’s not like these situations were all that tough. Somehow, the action has slowed down, as have the riffs, leaving for an experience that reflects the age of our lead actors. This picture takes place ten years after the first. Surprisingly, they brought back a few characters to commemorate, including Carter’s police chief, the Chinese ambassador, and his daughter. It was nice having them, but they were far under-utilized. You’ll find in watching “Rush Hour 3” that a lot of things occur that make absolutely no sense. It was as if Ratner either thought the audience wouldn’t care or he couldn’t fit it into a pleasing runtime. This movie is an hour and twenty-one minutes. The shortest of all the films, which ended up being its downfall considering all plot and character developments are rushed/glazed over rather than taking their time. Our main conflict surrounds the attempted assassination of the Chinese ambassador. He survives, but goes under a coma, and his daughter wants Lee and Carter to find and stop the people who did this. By the end of the film, we never revisit the ambassador or his daughter. No resolution with them, just Carter and Lee dancing off into the distance. Excuse me? There’s plenty more moments that are brought up and dropped that I won’t even dive into; this would become a dissertation if I did. How could they drop the ball this bad? They had years of prep, years they could’ve gotten a concise story down on paper. They settle for this? Even “Rush Hour 2” upped the action and comedy. Why not infuse more of that here? Is it because the actors are too old? Come on son. As I stated before, the film has its moments that stand out. I did laugh at a few jokes, but I found the bloopers in the end-credits to be better than the whole film. And when that happens, you know you’ve got a problem. Sure, the cinematography is good, as is the location of France, but when the story is this thrown together and sloppy, what’s the point? In my opinion, you should avoid this one of the bunch. If you’re curious, be my guest, but I warn you that “Rush Hour 3” will just be a waste of time. FINAL SCORE: 59%= Burnt Popcorn

Here is the trailer:

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