“Parasite” (2019)

MOVIE REVIEW: “Parasite” stars Kang-ho Song (Memories of Murder, The Host), Sun-kyun Lee (A Hard Day, Paju), Yeo-jeong Jo (The Servant, Obsessed [2014]), Woo-sik Choi (Set Me Free, Train to Busan), So-dam Park (The Priests, The Silenced), Jeong-eun Lee (The Wailing, Mother [2009]), Hye-jin Jang (Marine Boy, Crash Landing on You [TV series]), Ji-so Jung (The Tiger, The Cursed), Myeong-hoon Park (Tidal Wave, Steel Flower), Seo-joon Park (Midnight Runners, Fight for My Way [TV series]), and Keun-rok Park (Our Love Story, Yonjoon). It is directed by Bong Joon Ho (Snowpiercer, Okja), who also wrote it with Jin Won Han. In an effort to pull his family out of poverty and put food on the table, Kim Ki-Woo (Choi) becomes a tutor for a rich family. However, as he finds the rich folk to be gullible and in need of staff, he begins to assimilate his own family into their workforce, even if it means getting other people fired.

Thank goodness I saw this film before the Oscars (oh yes, I’ve been sitting on this review for a while). There were other nominees I wanted to see, but after all was said and done, “Parasite” ended up being the most important. The last picture I saw of Bong Joon Ho’s was “Snowpiercer,” which proved to be a riveting ride that offered a fresh story, solid performances, and an entertaining experience overall. Sure, the ending rubbed me wrong, but I knew that the filmmakers who manned that project were special. Little did I know the director would go on to make the best film of 2019. To make this a shorter read for you, I’ll just say to see the movie. In fact, I implore you, as a lover of cinema, to watch this feature. It’s powerful, abrasive, and downright tense. I had no idea what I was getting into (never saw a trailer), and sure enough the experience was unparalleled. Joon Ho’s latest release boasts great performances, awesome cinematography, and above-all a fresh story. There’s hardly a dull moment, as the movie shifts from something fairly simple to something hard-hitting by the mid-way point (the plot gets crazy from that moment on). It’s always an interesting venture when watching a foreign film. You never know what to expect, as they don’t embody the values you would find in America cinema. Honestly, it’s a mixed bag, but “Parasite” transcends its international status, providing a tale that connects with all audiences and showcases it in an impressive way. I was on the edge of my seat, my toes curling in and my focus ever so sharp as the climax ramped up. All in all, I loved it. For those who haven’t seen it, I won’t dive into the feature more, and will leave off this review by saying this: not only is “Parasite” a greatly crafted film, but it also hits hard with a theme that manages to bring sorrow only to deliver hope by its conclusion. Hardly does a movie turn the emotion of its theme is such a short amount of time, but this one does, and it does it well. FINAL SCORE: 96%= Juicy Popcorn

This movie has been inducted into The Juicy Hall of Fame.

Here is the trailer:

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