Juicy Awards VI/Movie of the Year Nominees- 11th Place Goes To…

11th Place:

“So you gotta ask yourself one question: ‘Do I feel lucky?’ Well do yah, punk?” It was the start of a long franchise surrounding the thrilling adventures of Inspector Harry Callahan as he wiped the San Francisco streets of crime, by his rules. I really enjoyed “Dirty Harry” for its intensity and rawness through Callahan searching for a madman who kills for pleasure. Though it had it’s moments of hokey dialogue and funny camera work (it was the 70s man), “Dirty Harry” is quality entertainment for anyone looking for a good detective action/drama. Unfortunately for us though, it is not 2018’s Movie of the Year, settling for 11th place.

The top ten Movie of the Month winners are here, and one has to go by tomorrow…

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