“The Road Warrior”

The Road Warrior (1981) Advance

MAD MAX MOVIE REVIEW: “The Road Warrior” stars Mel Gibson (The Patriot, Lethal Weapon), Bruce Spence (Finding Nemo, Star Wars: Episode III- Revenge of the Sith), Vernon Wells (Commando, Weird Science), William Zappa (Dead Europe, Quigley Down Under), Kjell Nilsson (The Pirate Movie, The Edge of Power), Emil Minty (Road to Alice, Touch the Sun: Peter & Pompey),  andVirginia Hey (Farscape, The Living Daylights). It is directed by George Miller (Happy Feet 2, Babe: Pig in the City) who also co-wrote it with Terry Hayes (From Hell, Payback) and Brian Hannant (Flashpoint, The Time Guardian). Former highway patrolman, Max (Gibson), finds himself in a predicament when he stumbles upon a oil-pumping compound in his oil-barren wasteland. He wants to get their gasoline and oil, but it comes with a price, including a run-in with a vicious gang lead by the crazy Humongous (Nilsson).

the road warrior

Our next stop in this marathon is the highly praised “Mad Max” film, “The Road Warrior.” And by highly praised, I mean out of the original trilogy, because we all know “Fury Road” is taking the top spot in everyone’s hearts. After watching the first movie, I was worried that the rest would be like it. Not that “Mad Max” was a bad release, it was just not as intense as “Fury Road” was. So in watching this one, I hoped for some more craziness and epicness. Did I get it? Pretty much. In this movie, we get a narration in the beginning. It’s one that will set the story straight and put the viewers in Max’s situation. I loved the narration because it described the turmoil this future world is in and how gasoline and oil shortages drive people insane. We get a little flavor of that life when the narration is over, and Max is getting chased by some insane gang members. I want to say straight out of the gate that this film was a heck of a lot better than “Mad Max.” The way this world is visualized and how everyone has a thirst for gasoline is so filthy and weird to watch. It’s crazy how much everyone wants oil and gas because all they do is drive. There’s no point to what they are doing, but that is exactly what this film is trying to get at. Everyone has gone mad, and the only way you rule the streets is if you can drive on it. The story itself in this is basically “Fury Road,” except it had more of a plot. Max has to get a tanker to some oasis for these people who are being constantly sought after by a ruthless gang leader named Humongous. The thing is, I enjoyed this storyline more than “Fury Road.” It has characters that are interesting, fun, and have actors that back up their personalities brilliantly. All of the actors in this did a good job, my favorite character being the gyro pilot. I loved the set up of this little oil compound having to be constantly defended by most of our characters from the vicious gangs that ride in the wasteland. It offered something to hold onto, as opposed to “Mad Max” being just a ride along film. The landscapes were beautifully shot by George Miller, and his directing carried on even more masterfully in the action scenes. The tanker chase was awesome, and even more so when knowing that there were no visual effects involved. It makes it all the more gruesome when seeing crashes. I just loved watching this movie, but I will admit to finding issues. One would be how the first act is slow. Not much happens until we reach the compound. From that point it becomes amazing. My next problem is villain of Humongous. He looked awesome, but he didn’t have that much of a part. He pretty much just stood there and flexed, occasionally speaking into a loudspeaker at times. I found more of a foe in this gay biker (he had to have been gay if you looked at the way he dressed and acted towards his partner who sat behind him on his motorbike) who always went after Max. Other than that, there are some crude special effects, but I don’t take much points off for that considering the time this flick was filmed. Overall, I loved this movie as it was better than “Mad Max” and it offered an exciting thrill ride that should be seen by everyone. FINAL SCORE: 93%= Juicy Popcorn

Here is the trailer:

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