Everyone knows that the Juicy Hall of Fame is getting a bit too crowded. I have quite a lot of films on the page and that is a problem because of how the Juicy Hall of Fame should not be so easy to obtain a spot in. Because of this, I have raised the score for films to aim for from 92% to 96% in order to get into the Hall of Fame. I have already trimmed a bunch of movies off the list, and I have made a new rule: whoever gets into the Hall of Fame that has not been made in the current year that I am reviewing, it is ineligible to become Movie of the Year. So, whatever old film gets a 96% can’t compete. There is an issue with this, however. Because I have already posted my January Movie Rankings, I cannot go back and change the placement. Since “Sicario” got a 94%, it should have won instead of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2.” I want to give “Sicario” credit, so I will split the win in half. I will edit the post to let everyone know this.

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