“Fight Club”

fight club

MOVIE REVIEW: “Fight Club” stars Edward Norton (The Incredible Hulk, Birdman: Or [The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance]), Brad Pitt (Mr. and Mrs. Smith, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button), Helena Bonham Carter (Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Cinderella [2015]), Meat Loaf (The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Formula 51), Zach Grenier (Rescue Dawn, Donnie Brasco), and Jared Leto (Dallas Buyers Club, Requiem for a Dream). It is directed by David Fincher (Se7en, Gone Girl) and the screenplay is written by Jim Uhls (Jumper, Sweet Talk), having been based on the novel by Chuck Palahniuk (Choke, Pieces). An office worker (Norton) with insomnia goes about his day feeling like his life is meaningless. That is until he meets a devil-may-care soap maker named Tyler Durden (Pitt). Together they create a fight club to make life interesting, which eventually molds into something bigger and more dangerous.

fight club 2

Finally, after long anticipation, I have seen “Fight Club”! It’s been on the top of my list of movies to see (besides my watch list, which displays current films I want to see) for a long while now, and now that I have seen it, I don’t even know what to say. Yep, you read it right, I have drawn a blank on what I just saw. For those of you who think you know “Fight Club” but haven’t seen it yet, you don’t know what it is at all. This is a movie that likes to trick the viewer, but on a level that one doesn’t suspect anything until the big twist at the end. I’m not going to spoil what happened at the end, but I will say that it caught me off guard completely. Throughout this release I was lost. I was wondering “what is the point of this story?” Because if you have ever seen this, you would realize that this movie goes several places while still attached to an overarching theme that you can’t quite place until the end. We learn the life of our narrator, who is given no name, but only in the aspect of his problem rather than his history. The storytelling in this is rich, full of charisma from our main character in how he narrates his story. There is humor at times, some of which I laugh at, others in which I raise an eyebrow. This is not your typical film. In fact, it’s anything but. The best compliment that I can give this picture is that it is one of the most original films that I have ever seen in my life. I have never seen anything like it, nor will I ever. From the beginning to the end, I was lost in a trance, fully captivated over the mystery that is this movie and how it wouldn’t let up in its zany twists and turns. There is a lot to take from the experience, lessons of how modern life is a conspiracy, especially on the subject of consumerism. It was extremely interesting and left me thinking for hours on end once the screen went black and the credits rolled. You know it was a great release when it leaves you to think. Watching this was like taking in a breath of fresh air. Living in a world where cinema either bestows us with superhero movies or sequels, it was fun to get a change-up for once, even if the film was released in 1999. The characters, although in few that shared the main spotlight, were focused on through the narrator’s eyes and they were all interesting. The performances that brought these characters to life were amazing. Edward Norton is one of my favorite actors in the business and he shows his skill in this. Brad Pitt was also fantastic, even though he was not the main main character that posters and cast lists make us believe (he’s always put in front of Norton). Helena Bonham Carter acted in a much different role than what I’m used to, having only seen her in the “Harry Potter” films and the latest “Cinderella.” The directing and cinematography of this was beautiful in a gritty sense. The setting is filthy and grimy almost all the time, which in turn gives us a glimpse into the real world. Something I loved is the lighting. It’s such an odd subject to talk about, but the lighting in this production was phenomenal, giving a dimming presence that brings life to this picture. The editing is amazing as it makes the story punchy and quick. There’s barely anything bad to talk about, which now brings me to the aspect of cons. Most of the issues I found in this release lie in my first viewing. What I mean by that is when I watched this, I was at a total loss on what point they were trying to make. Besides the conspiracy lessons and the gripping world that this story boasts, there was not much else to take from this. Something felt off throughout this movie and it made me feel out of the loop. Once you reach the end and the twist takes place, it creates a whole new viewing experience. I’ll never be able to watch it the same again. The twist in this actually sweetened the pot, and erases most of my cons. Yes, it’s that big of a twist. So, what issues remain after seeing the huge reveal? I don’t really know. It’s not perfect, that’s for sure. I wish I could give a better explanation on why I don’t think that it’s perfect, but I can’t. Overall, this is a brilliant release that provides rich storytelling and a huge twist that only makes it better. FINAL SCORE: 98%= Juicy Popcorn

This movie has been inducted into The Juicy Hall of Fame.

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