“Office Space”


THE VINTAGE BULLET RECOMMENDATION REVIEW: The first on this short recommendation list is “Office Space” which stars Ron Livingston (The Conjuring, Swingers), Jennifer Anniston (Friends [TV series], Bruce Almighty), David Herman (Futurama [TV series], Idiocracy), Ajay Naidu (Requiem for a Dream, The Wrestler), Gary Cole (Pineapple Express, Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby), Stephen Roots (Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story, No Country for Old Men), Diedrich Bader (Napoleon Dynamite, The Drew Carey Show [TV series]), Richard Riehle (The Man from Earth, Transformers: Age of Extinction), John C. McGinley (Scrubs [TV series], Se7en), and Paul Wilson (Cheers [TV series], Inventing Adam). It is written, directed, and also stars Mike Judge (Idiocracy, Silicon Valley [TV series]). Peter Gibbons (Livingston) is just an average guy working an average job, but that average job makes everyday of his life a living nightmare. He hates every minute of it and wishes that he could do nothing for the rest of his life. Since that can’t happen, he decides to visit a hypnotist in hopes of making his mind conform to his surroundings. It works, with the hypnotist tricking his mind into not caring about his troubles, but unfortunately he dies of a heart attack before he can snap his fingers to wear off the mind trick. Now, without a care in the world, Peter becomes a new man and oddly enough everything goes his way in this ride that is sure to bring laughs.

office space

Mike Judge is a man who quite a bit of people at school quote from, being as how he created the show “Beavis and Butt-Head” and co-created the show “King of the Hill.” I’m not saying that he is a bad guy, but I never really understood his comedy. I tried to watch both of those shows, but wasn’t interested and whenever I was handed this film to watch I didn’t know what to expect. I’ve heard great things about this movie before, but mainly from the people who love Mike Judge’s form of comedy, so those weren’t helpful on a movie critique basis. Fortunately for me, those people were right, for this was a pretty good movie. As you read my review, bare with me, because I will be entwining pros and cons into one since the story and everything surrounding it can have its issues. Beginning with the plot, it can work and then it can’t. I will say that it did make me laugh at times and there are moments that will always be quotable. Outside of the comedy and breaking down the structure of this story, however, is something different. This movie puts you in a situation of three separate storylines, which don’t tend to blend in at times. What I thought would be a tale of a person getting the mentality of not caring turned into a heist which had a separate storyline involving a different character all together. In doing so, they kind of ditch the first story arc, which is what I thought the movie would be all about. Sure, the story is funny, but it is rather disappointing when you take yourself out of the laughter and realize that you are watching a whole different movie from what you started with. But don’t let that discourage you. Like I said, the comedy covers up a lot and you will have fun. The characters, while one-dimensional a good portion of the time, are funny and enjoyable to watch. My first laugh probably belongs to the character Michael Bolton (Herman) when he was rapping in his car. Although the atmosphere is centered around guys at cubicles, it has ideas that are out of the box, while also mocking the stereotypical office lifestyles. The acting is good as well, with hilarious performances to give me a good time. I do have a minor issue with the main actor Ron Livingston, who plays Peter Gibbons, though. He’s not an awful actor, but his performance is rather flat. When he is supposed to not care, I still feel like he does and he can often seem to have no depth at times. He still has funny moments though, and he’s supposed to represent the average man who a lot of people connect with, so he has that going for him. In terms of the other characters, they’re good, so no problems there. Besides the characters and the story, another aspect that I found to be a true pro (this time) is how much I can relate. No, I’ve never had a job (not yet anyway), but I am in school, and that’s enough to connect. I know how the system is just about useless and how I am wasting my time away doing something I don’t like (or will use any time in my future profession) and watching this was calming in a way. People feel the same way that I do about work and life. The last pro I have is the office atmosphere. The setting of an office is oddly inviting, like how enjoyable the television series “The Office” is. I guess it’s because it screams reality. When it comes to cons, I pretty much stated them early on, with the many story arcs being my main grievance. Other than those, the last one I can think of is the music. Although it adds to comedic appeal, the soundtrack doesn’t seem to match with the tone of the story, with rap being the main genre of score. In the end, this is a funny, enjoyable film that is sure to have memorable moments to quote from. I recommend anyone of the right age to check it out! FINAL SCORE: 88%= Juicy Popcorn/Full Price

Here is Vintage Bullet’s review of the film: https://vintagebullet.wordpress.com/2015/09/13/office-space/

Here is the trailer:

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