“Pooh’s Grand Adventure: The Search for Christopher Robin”


NOSTALGIA LANE MOVIE REVIEW: The last stop in this marathon is “Pooh’s Grand Adventure: The Search for Christopher Robin” which is voiced by Jim Cummings (A Goofy Movie, CatDog [TV series]), Brady Bluhm (Dumb & Dumber, Get a Life [TV series]), Paul Winchell (The AristoCats, The Fox and the Hound), John Fiedler (The Emperor’s New Groove, The Odd Couple [1968]), Ken Sansom (The Sting, The Tigger Movie), Peter Cullen (Transformers [2007], The Pirates of Dark Water [TV series]), Andre Stojka (Cinderella II: Dreams Come True, Rainbow Brite [TV series]), and David Warner (Titanic [1997], Tron [1982]). It is directed and co-written by Karl Geurs (The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh [TV series], Winnie the Pooh Playtime: Detective Tigger). Winnie the Pooh (Cummings) and Christopher Robin (Bluhm) are the best of friends and wish their friendship could last forever. However, nothing seemingly lasts forever when at the end of the Summer and beginning of Fall, Christopher Robin disappears. Pooh doesn’t know where he has gone to, with the only clue being a note left for him on a honey pot outside his home. He has Owl (Stojka) to read it along with his friends Tigger (Winchell), Piglet (Fiedler), Rabbit (Sansom), and Eeyore (Cullen) to only discover bad news. The note supposedly says that Christopher Robin has gone for away and needs their help as he is trapped by an evil being known as “School.” So Pooh forms a rescue team to find Christopher Robin and bring him back so they can be together again.


For some reason, I have a fascination of The Hundred Acre Wood. As a much younger kid I watched many videos of it and I can tell why. The Hundred Acre Wood is a comforting place, offering innocence and warmth to their stories. The films or videos that come with it are charming and nowadays not many kid shows are like that, switching more to a gross, stupid humor that is cringe-worthy when I watch it (namely Disney Channel and Nickelodeon shows now). I chose this movie to be the last in this marathon because I remember it the most, not only the story, but things I did because of it. There is a scene in which Pooh and his friends are dangling off of a cliff after trying to save Tigger. For some reason, I gathered a deep interest in this, as when playing toys I would reenact them as hanging on the edge of something. It stuck in my head to this day, and even with that I loved this film in general when I was younger, so it had a lot to meet in terms of my expectations. I was scared that it wouldn’t meet them, and although it didn’t meet all of them, it still offered me most of the great feelings I had for it before. In terms of the plot, it can be random. They break into five or six musical numbers, but its a Disney movie, so what would you expect? Some of them are pretty good, while others are okay. This is definitely a film aimed towards children, but I would agree that adults could find some sort of joy out of them, depending on how much you like Winnie the Pooh. If you don’t care for him, avoid the movie. The story can be fun, but nothing too thought-provoking. I think the most memorable scenes for me are the beginning and end with Pooh and Christopher as they talk about whether their friendship would last because of Christopher leaving or getting older. It hits me because it seems like the theme of this movie is that no matter how far away from your childhood you are, you can still find yourself coming back to that mind frame. This will probably only work for me now seeing as how I am graduating next year and my childhood will come to a close, which is devastating (but I’ll be alright!). Off of the plot, the voice acting is really good. I always enjoy the voices of these characters and they all have variety to them. My favorite character has to be Tigger, because you can’t go wrong with that guy. The animation is done nicely, with all of these movies following a specific style that is traditional, and I love it. Of course with cons, there are some things that are mainly intentional. Like I stated before, this is a kids movie so it will be silly at times. I laughed at quite a bit of things that I thought were actually funny though. You can either take this film or leave it in terms of whether you will like it. If you never grew up watching it and have no interest then that’s fine, this isn’t the movie for you. Otherwise, I believe that any kid will like this and if you like Winnie the Pooh and The Hundred Acre Wood, then you should check this out. See if anything holds up to your expectations like me. Overall, this is a fun and enjoyable film that brought me back to more peaceful times and it held up for the most part in terms of what I remember! FINAL SCORE: 90%=Juicy Popcorn

Here is the trailer:

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