FRIDAY NIGHT MOVIE REVIEW: Tonight, I saw “Nightcrawler” which stars Jake Gyllenhaal (Source Code, Southpaw), Rene Russo (Thor, Outbreak), Riz Ahmed (Four Lions, The Road to Guantanamo), Bill Paxton (Edge of Tomorrow, Titanic [1997]), Kevin Rahm (Alfie, Judging Amy [TV series]), and Michael Hyatt (The Good Girl, Like Crazy). It is the directorial debut of Dan Gilroy who also wrote this and his writing credits include “Real Steel” and “The Bourne Legacy”. In the night of Los Angeles, we find a hungry, self-employed man wanting to film the story of a lifetime after discovering journalism to be his passion. This man is Louis Bloom (Gyllenhaal). He is not only creepy, but will do whatever it takes to get the best footage and blow his competition out of the water. What started out as a simple job takes Louis on a dark path where he begins to create the tragedies of the news himself so that he can get the first take.


I’ve heard great things about this film and after seeing this, I must agree. This movie is extremely good. Before I get into the story itself, I need to commend the best part of this flick that pulls it all together: the acting. Jake Gyllenhaal has proven to me that he may as well be one of the best actors out there today. Throughout the film, I didn’t see the guy, just his character, and boy did his character have depth and at the same time a disturbing feel to him. This is a character that I enjoyed watching even though he did bad deeds because he is so well-written. Not only him, but his connections to others are interesting as well. Every person that he affected in this movie were pulled down the same path he was because of his wrong doings. I gotta admit: the supporting cast was really good. I enjoyed Rene Russo in this as one of the heads of the news broadcasting company that provides Bloom’s work. I also liked Riz Ahmed in this as Rick, Bloom’s assistant in his dark path to a great story who tries to steer clear of possible danger. All these characters are fun to watch and there is so much written that you can feel all of them in a sense of their motives. Dan Gilroy is a great writer, besides that screenplay for “The Bourne Legacy”, and should keep it up! Off of the characters, there’s only one other pro since there isn’t much special effects: the story. From the moment I saw Louis clipping a wired fence in the beginning, I was hooked. This is a very different story from what I am used to and it was rather unpredictable for the most part. There was probably only two aspects that I predicted well. Anyway, it was very intriguing to see how far Louis will go for a story and the issues he runs into. I got to see his life and the way he thinks, and it was crazy. This is a man who many Hollywoodish movie lovers will despise because he is separate from the usual main characters of films who have simple problems and act calmly or normally about them. It is refreshing to view this. Another aspect of the story I love is the atmosphere. The gritty, dark night of Los Angeles has a pristine feel to it even if it is riddled with crime. It is a fantastic setting to place the story and offers more of a thrill when a crime is in progress. This film doesn’t hold punches either. It showcases what real crime looks like and to see how it doesn’t faze Louis is all the more chilling. He goes great lengths and all the while, I can’t help but feel admiration for such an original story. It has quite a bit of depth and outside of the filming of news stories themselves, the aftermath or dialogue scenes after are just as good. They take their time developing their characters instead of throwing you right into an explosive event. Now, when it comes to cons, I really only had one. Some parts, mainly in the second act, can feel a bit stretched. It takes a while to get to the main event that propels Louis on an even darker route, so in exchange, it can get a little slow. Besides that, I want to discuss the ending. One of the aspects I predicted right as said earlier happened in the ending, but not the very ending. I liked the ending, but I thought it could’ve gone a better direction. I’m still fine with the ending it gave, although I feel that it ended the way it did in case Universal wanted a sequel, which I hope that doesn’t happen. Lord knows that we have had enough sequels for a lifetime (I mean, as I’m writing this, I just found out about a “Ride Along 2”. Seriously?). Overall, this is a terrific piece of writing and filmmaking and I enjoyed it and its entirety. I recommend anyone the right age to watch this and, if you get the chance, check it out as soon as you can! FINAL SCORE: 95%= Juicy Popcorn

Here is the trailer: https://juicyreviewz.wordpress.com/the-juicy-hall-of-fame/

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