The Juicy Reviewer Presents: “The Bourne Identity”

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THE BOURNE DOUBLE-TAKE BREAKDOWN REVIEW: First up in this movie marathon is “The Bourne Identity” which stars Matt Damon (The Adjustment Bureau, We Bought a Zoo), Franka Potente (Run Lola Run, Blow), Chris Cooper (American Beauty, The Patriot), Clive Owen (Children of Men, Inside Man), Brian Cox (Troy, Braveheart), Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (Lost [TV series], Pompeii), Gabriel Mann (Revenge [TV series], The Life of David Gale), Tim Dutton (Patriot Games, Tom & Viv), Nicky Naude (The Crimson Rivers, Hitman), and Julia Stiles (Silver Linings Playbook, 10 Things I Hate About You). It is directed by Doug Liman (Edge of Tomorrow, Mr. and Mrs. Smith). Jason Bourne (Damon) wakes up on a fishing boat with bullets in his back, not remembering what happened to him. What is worse is he has forgotten who he is, including his own name. On a mission to search for who he really is, he befriends a woman named Marie (Potente) who becomes his driver to his many destinations in order to pick up the pieces of his past self. Little does Jason know that he is being hunted by an organization who knows him as someone ruthless, and they will stop at nothing until he is dead.


What would you do if you forgot who you were, only to figure out you were something dangerous? I don’t know what I’d do….probably show off cool fighting moves to myself, just to see how awesome I am. With that random notion out of mind, onto the review! When it comes to the plot itself, it is pretty original. It has some aspects of a usual action movie, but the whole picture itself is different. They handle the situation of trying to figure out who you are very well, leading you on a trip to find out who Jason Bourne is while he himself doesn’t know. It feels real and keeps you in the dark for most of the film. Other things that I enjoyed about the plot would have to be the locations. I enjoyed seeing the many places this movie displayed from snowy Switzerland to bustling Paris, all seen through spectacular cinematography. One scene that comes to mind with great cinematography is the grass field scene with an assassin and Bourne. The rustic tones in those shots were fantastic. Another great aspect of the film itself is the musical score. I thought it was something memorable and went along with the storyline very well. Acting in this film was very good, with Matt Damon giving an amazing performance. The supporting actors also did a great job, even Franka Potente, who was kind of a mixed bag at first, but grew on me the further the movie progressed. Along with the acting came great characters. You felt something real with them because they were actually scared, especially Jason Bourne. To see them panic and break down trying to figure out the situation at hand gave me tension in wanting to see them get through the movie, even though I knew that they would live (I mean, Jason Bourne is in two other movies). Besides the acting aspect, the action scenes were awesome. The fight scenes were well-choreographed and were epic to watch. The car chase scene in the film can get a bit long, but overall it works and is fun. When I began watching this movie, it seemed spectacular. I didn’t want there to be issues with it because of how great the beginning was, but my wish didn’t come true. I believe that most of these issues I ran into surrounded around the character of Marie. The first con that comes to mind is when Jason first meets her. I don’t want to spoil anything, but when you watch it, you see that there is a bad situation that happens that Marie doesn’t notice even though she was right at the scene, leading her to take in Jason with no problem. It made no sense in my head. Another con would be how Marie and Jason’s chemistry doesn’t work the best in the first half of the movie. I don’t know why, but they didn’t seem to hit it off or have anything to relate, it was just weird and that was basically Marie’s character. She was real, yes, but I couldn’t see a great bond between her and Jason. It got better towards the end, but it was a rocky start that needs mentioning. Off of the Marie-based cons, comes one final con: the second act can get slow. The first act (beginning) was fantastic and interested me extremely, but once the second act arrived, everything seemed to slow down so they could focus a little more on Jason and Marie’s relationship, which I mentioned as a con before, and ended up taking away most of the grip it had in the first act. The third act made up for it though with a great finish. Overall, I would say that this movie is a definite if you’re looking for a great action movie. It was very entertaining, gives you real characters, and is original. Of course it has weird chemistry amongst main characters, but it soon evens out towards the great end. I recommend anyone to give this movie a try! FINAL SCORE: 92%= Juicy Popcorn

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