Captain Critic Presents: “The Bourne Identity”

I would like to thank The Juicy Reviewer for the opportunity to guest review these movies. Juicy Reviews is highly respected for its reviews, and I feel honored for this chance to give my thoughts on these films. Thanks!

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Hollywood churns out spy thrillers by the boatload, and “The Bourne Identity” is yet another entry into this bloated genre, so I wasn’t expecting much going in, but I was mildly surprised.

captain critic presents

THE BOURNE DOUBLE-TAKE BREAKDOWN REVIEW: “The Bourne Identity” stars Matt Damon as Jason Bourne, a man found adrift at sea by an Italian fishing boat crew. Unconscious, bullet riddled, and suffering from amnesia, the questions start to pile up. Bourne awakens and recovers from his injuries, but nothing makes sense, with no memory he retains many mysterious black-op skills, that only deepens his concerns. Once ashore, Bourne struggles to recover his memory, using clues gathered on a dangerous journey to reclaim his true identity. Lead follows lead, and soon he is joined by Marie, a German woman, who’s reluctantly pulled into a world of international espionage. Hunted at every turn, where can he go and who can he trust?

mini cooper

With loads of action and mystery the story speeds along, never really surprising the viewer, but with just enough crafty plotting to stay interesting. This is not your typical spy thriller. The clever use of amnesia as a plot device adds a bit of freshness to the stale genre, the viewer knows as much about Jason Bourne as he knows about himself, and this adds a sense of dread and foreboding. Bourne is basically “flying blind”, as he struggles to find his true identity. This is wonderfully portrayed in a scene where he has to retrieve a safe deposit box from an ultra secure bank, when finally obtaining the box, it’s contents raise more questions than answers about his past, and he is deeply disturbed by this. There’s also car chases (a must for every action movie), and this one is both frightening and humorous, how does Bourne get so much performance out of a little, beat up old Mini? Sadly there’s a forced subplot that culminates in a predictable, lackluster finish, although it’s needed to explain Bourne’s actions, it could have been better written. Some scenes, though a little farfetched, are still enjoyable, like a scene in which Bourne is trapped in a house in the country by a sniper trying to kill him, he has only his wits to try to escape, it’s fun to watch the mayhem that ensues. I really liked Matt Damon’s acting, his performance is understated and well done, especially his fight scenes, which aren’t over-choreographed but instead instill a sense of hightened terror. A scene in Bourne’s apartment is a good example of Damon’s fighting chops, intense and scary Bourne appears almost comfortable fighting for his life. The spy angle here is also nicely done, Bourne is always one step ahead of the government’s best agents and assassins, almost making it seem easy at times. He possesses this innate skill of using his surroundings to his advantage, and he doesn’t even understand where this knowledge comes from. Too bad the cast’s character development is thin, I never really got a sense of what made most of them “tick”, especially Marie, a back story would have been useful to add some depth to her character. Bourne and Marie have nice chemistry, but some of their scenes just defy logic. The European setting adds an interesting layer to this film, there’s always beautiful scenery and architecture to gaze upon. As for the ending, unfortunately it’s typical Hollywood fare, with the final events begging for a sequel. “The Bourne Identity” isn’t great cinematically, but it is an exciting adventure. More original than most action flicks, it’s escapist fun. Give it a try. FINAL SCORE: 85%= Juicy Popcorn

Here is the trailer:

Matt Damon- Jason Bourne
Franka Potente- Marie
Chris Cooper- Alexander Conklin
Brian Cox- Ward Abbott
Julia Stiles- Nicky Parsons
Clive Owen- The Professor

Directed by:
Doug Liman

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