June Movie Rankings

june movie rankings


Summer has kicked off to a great start with so many good (and a little bit of bad) movies. In this month, I gave out my first 100% as well as claimed four other Juicy Hall of Famers with it. It is also the month in which there are three third places. So read on and witness the 2015 June Movie Rankings!:

june 1

#7- “Survivor” (2015)
30%= Burnt Popcorn
Pros: The acting was okay and the special effects were cool (the explosion scene was awesome).
Cons: The plot is a jumbled mess, it was poorly executed, Nash (played by Pierce Brosnan) is a horrible villain, the stakes weren’t high enough to care, and Nash’s random mustache appearances.

#6- “Man on a Ledge”
40%= Burnt Popcorn
Pros: Acting was okay and beginning draws you in.
Cons: Too many characters for its own good, weak supporting performances, has only one flashback to give you a back story, little details made no sense, and the Joey (played by Jamie Bell) and Angie (played by Genesis Rodriguez) were awful characters to watch.

june 2

#5- “Selma”
79%= Juicy Popcorn
Pros: Overall the plot is good, solid acting, great speech scenes, and intense public beatings.
Cons: Filled with nothing but dialogue for most of the movie, making the first half extremely slow.

#4- “The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water”
86%= Juicy Popcorn
Pros: Fun, funny, great animation, good voice acting, and interesting story.
Cons: Antonio Banderas’s pirate wasn’t needed until the end of the film and some of the jokes can be corny.

june 3

#3- “Top Gun”
90%= Juicy Popcorn
Pros: The plot is interesting and original in a sense, great acting, fantastic characters to connect to, good jet fight scenes, and changes the tone really well halfway through.
Cons: Some of the jet fight scenes can be confusing, the beginning took a while to gain momentum, and the romantic cue in the musical score can become a pet peeve.

#3- “The Adjustment Bureau”
90%= Juicy Popcorn
Pros: Intriguing storyline, deep message, fantastic acting, well-developed characters, very enjoyable, Terence Stamp was awesome, and the action scenes with their special effects were killer.
Cons: Some of the characters’ choices make no sense and the ending is clichéd.

june 4

#3- “American Sniper”
90%= Juicy Popcorn
Pros: Intense, alluring plot, incredible acting, great direction, and the action scenes were well-put-together for the most part.
Cons: Most of the cussing isn’t needed especially with the religious character of Chris Kyle (read the review to get specifics), there is a plot hole with Chris’s brother, two scenes are hard to watch (involve children), and the dust storm scene can get confusing.

#2- “A Fistful of Dollars”
91%= Juicy Popcorn
Pros: Original, stellar acting, great directing, fun Western, feels good to watch, clever, and the setting (and costuming) set a great tone.
Cons: The beginning is slow and there is quite a bit of over-dramatic deaths involving shooting (minor con however).

june 5

#1- “Inside Out” (2015)
95%= Juicy Popcorn
Pros: Beautiful animation, original, interesting design in terms of the mind, fun characters, deep, it connect with almost any audience, and there are three emotional scenes toward the end that really got me.
Cons: The beginning takes a while to jumpstart and some things can be silly.

june 7

Juicy Hall of Fame Inductee: “Airplane!”
94%= Juicy Popcorn
Pros: Hilarious and timeless (shortest pros list for a high rated movie).
Cons: The flashback where Ted (played by Robert Hays) first meets Elaine (played by Julie Hagerty) last too long and some jokes are repetitive.

june 8

Juicy Hall of Fame Inductee– “For a Few Dollars More”
96%= Juicy Popcorn
Pros: Fresh, Lee Van Cleef is fantastic, awesome characters, great story, great villain, funny, epic action scenes (especially the standoff), and it has a clever musical score.
Cons: Some scenes are slow in execution and Gian Maria Volonté’s El Indio can be hard to get used to at first since Gian Maria Volonté was the villain in “A Fistful of Dollars”.

june 6

Juicy Hall of Fame Inductee– “Gladiator”
97%= Juicy Popcorn
Pros: Epic, great themes, awesome story of vengeance, amazing acting, gruesome action scenes, terrific characters, realistic, beautiful visual effects, and intense.
Cons: Some scenes can be slow and the air-pressure tanks on the back of the chariots are very noticeable (minor con).

june 9

Juicy Hall of Fame Inductee– “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly”
100%= Juicy Popcorn
Pros: Perfect. Just watch it. (read my review if you must know why)
Cons: Why is there a cons section?

There you have it! “Inside Out” (2015) will face off against “The Truman Show”, “Rocky”, “It’s Kind of a Funny Story”, “Rocky Balboa”, “Whiplash”, “Avengers: Age of Ultron”, and the rest of the Movie of the Months in January 2016 to decide who will become 2015’s Movie of the Year!!!! If you must know why it wasn’t put with the Juicy Hall of Fame Inductees (although it is one), click this link to get the rules of what gets the movie in the running for Movie of the Year: https://juicyreviewz.wordpress.com/the-juicy-hall-of-fame/

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