“The ‘Burbs”


MOVIE REVIEW: A couple of nights ago I sat down to watch a movie I haven’t seen in a long time called “The ‘Burbs” which stars Tom Hanks (Toy Story, Captain Phillips), Bruce Dern (Nebraska, Django Unchained), Carrie Fisher (Star Wars: Episode IV- A New Hope, When Harry Met Sally…), Corey Feldman (The Goonies, Stand by Me), Rick Ducommun (Groundhog Day, Die Hard), Wendy Schaal (Small Soldiers, American Dad!), Henry Gibson (The Blues Brothers, Wedding Crashers), Courtney Gains (Back to the Future, Sweet Home Alabama), and Gale Gordon (The Lucy Show, Dennis the Menace). The movie is about this regular guy named Ray Peterson (Hanks) who gets plunged into this mysterious adventure about uncovering what is going on with this creepy house that sits right next to his. The neighbors that live in that house, the Klopeks, never seem to come out of that house and at night weird things happen in the house. Ray doesn’t want to mess with his neighbors, but his other neighbor friends, Art Weingartner (Ducommun) and Lt. Mark Rumsfield (Dern) do. Ray thinks that they are just regular people who are shy until one day one of their oldest neighbors named Walter Seznick (Gibson) goes missing and they have reason to believe that the Klopeks did it because he left behind his dog and his toupee and when Walter goes out he never leaves behind his toupee! So Ray then gets obsessed with this mystery and decides that, when the Klopeks leave to do errands, he will break into their house to find what is really going on at night in there. I thought the movie was good with the acting and story being done well. I also like how it was a mystery which always is fun to watch and it was funny too. Cons of this movie would be how the ending was kind of weird in how they did it (no spoilers though) and the movie tended to drag a bit. Other than those this movie is good for its age and, other than the clothing style, it doesn’t seem that outdated. I would recommend this movie to anyone who loves mysteries and hasn’t seen it! FINAL SCORE: 80%= Juicy Popcorn

Here is the trailer:

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