FRIDAY NIGHT MOVIE REVIEW: Last night, I saw the Academy award-winning movie “Gravity” which stars Sandra Bullock (The Proposal, Crash) and George Clooney (Fantastic Mr. Fox, Ocean’s Eleven). This movie is about a brilliant medical engineer named Dr. Ryan Stone (Bullock) who goes into space for her first time to repair a panel on the Hubble Space Telescope. Other than herself, she travels in a space shuttle with a veteran astronaut named Matt Kowalsky (Clooney) whose last day of this before retiring. While doing their job, they get a call from Houston to abort the mission because of a storm of debris from a Russian missile strike on a defunct satellite causing a chain reaction that is heading their way with a lot of speed. When they try to get to safety though, the debris hits the telescope sending things flying and crashing and flinging Dr. Stone and Kowalsky into the depths of space with no contact or support. Now it is up to them both to find a way to get to the Chinese space station and get into an escape pod to make it back to Earth. I had low expectations for this film because I was informed that this movie wasn’t that good when someone I know saw it in theaters. After watching this movie I thought that it was actually pretty good. The story was good, the special effects were by far amazing, and the acting was great too. There were times where I couldn’t hear what people were saying because they used the audio like you would hear from an actual space suit. Another con of this movie is that even though it didn’t make me dizzy, there was a lot going on for my eyes to take in with things flying everywhere, debris crashing into everything, and astronauts hurling all over the place. Other than those issues, the movie was good, not as good as winning seven awards at the Oscars, but it was done well. FINAL SCORE: 84%= Juicy Popcorn

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