“Charlie St. Cloud”


BONUS MOVIE REVIEW: A couple nights ago, I saw the movie “Charlie St. Cloud” which stars Zac Efron (High School Musical, 17 Again), Charlie Tahan (I Am Legend, Frankenweenie), Amanda Crew (The Haunting in Connecticut, She’s the Man), Augustus Prew (Kick-Ass 2, About a Boy), Ray Liotta (Wild Hogs, Goodfellas), and Dave Franco (21 Jump Street, Now You See Me). This movie centers around a fresh out of high school graduate named Charlie St. Cloud (Efron) who has a great life ahead of him. That is until a tragedy unfolds right in front of him after he graduates: his little brother Sam (Tahan) gets killed in a car crash that they were involved in (and Charlie barely made it out alive). Charlie breaks down, blames himself for Sam’s death, and even leaves in the middle of his funeral. When he leaves the funeral though, he stumbles into the woods to find his brother Sam who is a ghost. Charlie then realizes that he has the ability to see people that haven’t crossed over yet. Sam comes to him for that promise that Charlie made to him before he died: practice baseball throws with him every day at sundown. So Charlie gives up any future for him five years since Sam’s death to stay with him and keep his promise. This all changes though when a girl comes back from his high school named Tess (Crew) who goes boating as a sport a lot (and she is only staying in town for a little bit). Charlie falls in love with her and now he has to decide what to do: stay and keep Sam’s promise or go with Tess and have a great future. I thought the movie was actually good. I don’t watch those emotional movies often, but this one was actually not that bad. The acting was great, the story was good, and it was just a really light-hearted movie to watch for all ages. I did think the movie felt a bit short though (not because I didn’t want it to end) and there were some parts in the movie that seemed that they couldn’t happen in real life. Other than that the movie was good and I recommend anyone that hasn’t seen it to see it! FINAL SCORE: 83%= Juicy Popcorn

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