“Star Trek” (2009)

star trek movie poster 2009-7877
FRIDAY NIGHT MOVIE REVIEW: I’ve seen this movie a couple of times already, but because there was really nothing in the redbox to choose from, I got this. “Star Trek” starring Chris Pine (Rise of the Guardians, This Means War), Zachary Quinto (Heroes, Margin Call), Leonard Nemoy (Star Trek original series), Eric Bana (Hulk, Munich), Bruce Greenwood (I, Robot, Deja Vu), and Simon Pegg (Shawn of the Dead, Hot Fuzz). Whenever Kirk (Pine) is born, his father dies on the enterprise to save everyone on board from the destruction of a mysterious alien ship. Now years later, Kirk is much older and is persuaded by captain Pike (Greenwood) to join star fleet to realize his true potential. After Kirk is admitted to work in star fleet, the mysterious aliens come back to destroy the planet Vulcan to get revenge on future Spock (Nemoy). When they get done destroying that they are going to destroy Earth and any other federation involved planets and it is up to Kirk, Spock (Quinto), and the rest of the enterprise to stop them. I’ve always liked this movie even though I have never seen the show. I really liked the action and J.J. Abrams is a great director having made “Fringe” and helped out with “Lost”. I also thought the acting was great too! I recommend this to any sci-fi fan or fan of “Star Trek”!! FINAL SCORE: 82%= Juicy Popcorn

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