“Identity Thief”


BONUS MOVIE REVIEW: Yes on the night of movie night I upload a bonus movie review. I saw this movie last night and forgot to review it on my blog so here it is!: “Identity Thief” starring Jason Bateman (Horrible Bosses, Juno), Melissa McCarthy (Gilmore Girls, Mike & Molly), John Cho (Star Trek, Harold & Kumar series), Amanda Peet (2012, A Lot Like Love), and Maggie Elizabeth Jones (We Bought a Zoo). It is about a business man named Sandy Patterson (Bateman) who gets a phone call from an identity thief who gets all his information and then goes around spending his money for pleasure. With all these bills to pay, Sandy’s boss (Cho) says he is going to fire him unless he fixes this and Sandy decides to find the fake Sandy and bring herĀ back to the police and get everything back to normal. But once he finds her, everything goes crazy in a week. I thought the movie was ok. I laughed at some parts, but the disc was really scratched so I had to skip some parts here and there. A lot of cussing was in this, but what do you expect from a rated R movie. This probably makes the fourth movie that is rated R I have ever seen in my life. I recommend this to any adult who wants a good laugh of the day. FINAL SCORE: 77%= Juicy Popcorn

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