“Iron Man 3”


MOVIE THEATRE REVIEW: After a long wait, I finally was able to see the movie, “Iron Man 3” for my last day of being a 14 year old. It is the third movie in the Iron Man movies and the seventh movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (the Incredible Hulk, Captain America: First Avenger, Thor, and the Avengers). The villain for this movie is the Mandarin with powerful abilities from the result of Extremis which makes them extremely strong and indestructible like Wolverine. Throughout the movie, Tony has anxiety problems because of his job and how it is hard to deal with this sort of villain. I thought that it was an good movie overall from the story to the action scenes. I recommend this movie to any die hard iron man fan or any Marvel fan!! FINAL SCORE: 80%= Juicy Popcorn

This score has been recently modified. It does not affect the running of the Movie of the Year for 2013 for the changes took place after the event.

Here is the trailer:

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