Juicy Awards X – Movie of the Year Winner


It all boils down to Spielberg.

In recent years, the legend has become a hit-or-miss, never quite reclaiming the spot of perfection and filmmaking prowess he used to be. With “The Fabelmans” – his most personal story – he does just that.

I went into the theaters expecting a coming-of-age tale about a filmmaker; one that I would relate to. And while there are certainly moments that fulfill my filmmaking passions, it is the heartwrenching family tale that truly won me over. Boasting spectacular performances and impressive cinematography, Spielberg and his team craft an endearing feature that leaves you hooked. Every scene that unfolded before my eyes was met with great engagement, as the story of Sammy Fabelman is something mystical, humorous, and soul-crushing.

2022 came with great intrigue and uniqueness for the cinema. However, it is Spielberg’s ultimate divorce story that takes the cake. I sincerely loved this picture and am happy the highly-acclaimed filmmaker finally crafted a narrative true to his life.

Congratulations to winning 2022’s Movie of the Year, “The Fabelmans”!

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