Juicy Awards X – Best Cinematography Nominees


Another added category this year, I thought it’d be worthwhile to showcase cinematography, being how one of my most raved about points of any feature is how it is shot. Below are some of the finest I’ve seen in 2022, with sequences that screengrabs would serve as great backgrounds for your laptop.

  1. “Citizen Kane”, Gregg Toland
  2. “See How They Run” (2022), Jamie Ramsay
  3. “Dune” (2021), Greig Fraser
  4. “Licorice Pizza”, Michael Bauman
  5. “The Batman” (2022), Greig Fraser
  6. “The Fabelmans”, Janusz Kamiński
  7. “Top Gun: Maverick”, Claudio Miranda
  8. “Zodiac” (2007), Harris Savides

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