In the Director’s Chair with Alfred Hitchcock


This just in: we’ve got ourselves another director marathon! And who would be a better filmmaker to study than the man who mastered the thriller genre, Mr. Alfred Hitchcock.

Hitchcock is world-renowned, having inspired some of the biggest filmmakers working today. I saw my first feature of his a couple of years ago (“Pyscho”), and have since been itching to dive into his catalogue. However, this marathon focuses on a particular part of Hitchcock’s career that not many people mention: the early, silent years.

Yes folks, this marathon is comprised of nothing but silent pictures, all pulled from Hitchcock’s formative years. Long before the “Psycho” shower scene, long before Jimmy Stewart snooped on his nextdoor neighbors. I took this direction primarily because I bought this DVD that showcased a majority of his early, lesser known works. It’s been an interesting venture, one that I have slowly been working through for the majority of this year (watching silent movies don’t bring me the greatest excitement). I hope you all enjoy my critiques and findings.

This marathon will take place from September 8th, 2022 to September 13th, 2022.

Here are the movies:

Day One – “The Lodger: A Story of the London Fog”
Day Two – “The Ring” (1927)
Day Three – “The Farmer’s Wife” (1928)
Day Four – “Easy Virtue” (1928)
Day Five – “Champagne”
Day Six – “The Manxman” (1929)

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