Juicy Awards IX Announcement


2022 is officially here, and you know what that means: time for another Juicy Awards.

Welcome to the ninth annual Juicy Awards people! (Gosh, I love the look of that roman numeral). We’ve had quite a year in 2021, and while I wish that I reviewed more films (I think I totalled around 48 movies), it was still all-around eventful and impactful.

Much like the award shows in this past, this Juicy Awards runs through quite a bit of January, with the exception that we will be missing out on one of the usual categories. That being Best Animated Film. Somehow, I did not review a single animated movie last year (what?!), rendering the category obsolete this time around. But fear not, I will be intentionally seeking out some animated content this year.

The ninth annual Juicy Awards will take place from January 12th, 2022 to January 30th, 2022. Here are the categories:

January 12th – Best Visual Effects
January 13th – Best Original Score
January 14th – Walken’s Wild One
January 15th – Best Actress
January 16th – Best Actor
January 17th – Movie of the Month Winners
January 18th to January 30th – Movie of the Year Elimination/Winner

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