Juicy Awards VIII Announcement


What? Did you think this wouldn’t happen? Well, guess what? It is! Our eighth annual Juicy Awards ceremony! Hot diggity dog. Yes, there was a slight delay (a new job on a television series set has kept me busy), but the Awards is back on and in full swing; there’s no stopping this train. Of course, in lieu of this slow start, the schedule of awards will be shifted from last year. However, we will be announcing the Movie of the Year just before January ends, with the Awards taking place from January 10th, 2021 to January 30th, 2021. Here are the categories:

January 10th – Best Animated Film
January 11th – Best Visual Effects
January 12th – Best Original Score
January 13th – Walken’s Wild One
January 14th – Best Actress
January 15th – Best Actor
January 16th – Movie of the Month Winners
January 17th to January 30th – Movie of the Year Elimination/Winner

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