Juicy Awards VII Announcement


The time is here, the time is now: The Juicy Awards. We are in our seventh annual awards season, and while I am certainly in a transitional season of my life so to speak (moving to Los Angeles to finish college), I still seek to keep this site up to date and the Juicy Awards thriving. Because what’s this site without the Juicy Awards? This year’s awards will take place from January 7th, 2020 to January 27th, 2020. Here are the award categories:

January 7th– Best Animated Film
January 8th– Best Visual Effects
January 9th– Best Original Score
January 10th– Walken’s Wild One
January 11th– Best Actress
January 12th– Best Actor
January 13th– Movie of the Month Winners
January 14th to January 27th– Movie of the Year Elimination/Winner

You’ll notice that the worst actor/actress awards are absent from this list. This is due to me genuinely not finding enough candidates to make the category (better to not have the award than force nominees).

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