In the Actor’s Spotlight with Jack Nicholson


This marathon has been slow-cooking for a few months now, and I am glad to finally unveil it: In the Actor’s Spotlight with Jack Nicholson. Spanning a collection of four features, I take a dive into Jack Nicholson’s career, an actor I’ve admired since seeing “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.” Really, this has been a long-time coming, considering how I’ve been wanting to look into this actor’s portfolio for the last few years. While these movies may not be his most notable, they have certainly shaped his career, and I look forward to you all reading my analyses of them. This marathon will take place from August 7th, 2019 to August 10th, 2019. Here are the films, ordered by their release dates:

Day One– “Carnal Knowledge”
Day Two– “The Missouri Breaks”
Day Three– “Prizzi’s Honor”
Day Four– “About Schmidt”

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