June Movie Rankings


Back to a satisfying volume of reviews, June saw some solid potential. I got to catch up on some 2019 flicks long gone from the theaters, as well as a new release. My childhood friends were shown in a depressing light and Clint Eastwood returned to the silver screen. It was a good month to say the least, and I only hope for more reviews. Read on to see who took the month!

#5- “Dumbo” (2019)
68%= Burnt Popcorn
Pros: Good cinematography, some solid character performances from DeVito, Keaton, and Green alike, and has some beautiful moments.
Cons: The human characters are more-or-less dull as is the story execution, leaving for a rather bland experience.

#5- “Sweet November” (2001)
68%= Burnt Popcorn
Pros: Interesting concept, has charm, solid chemistry between Theron and Reeves, and has a nice feel to it.
Cons: Predictable, familiar in execution akin to other romance flicks, and all characters are pretty surface-level in terms of characterization and development.

#4- “Zoolander”
74%= Juicy Popcorn
Pros: Has some funny moments, fresh concept, and likeable performances.
Cons: It’s not as hilarious as I’d want it to be, the characters are hardly developed, and there isn’t much to take away.

#3- “The Mule” (2018)
78%= Juicy Popcorn
Pros: It’s always great to see Clint Eastwood acting, the cinematography is good, and the story is more entertaining than I believed it would be.
Cons: All story arcs outside of Eastwood’s are pretty weak, the plot isn’t really fresh or new, and the overall film isn’t really remarkable.

#2- “Arctic” (2018)
80%= Juicy Popcorn
Pros: Great cinematography, awesome performance, and engaging journey.
Cons: Has no rewatchability value and there isn’t much to see outside of a man getting from point A to point B.

#1- “Toy Story 4”
81%= Juicy Popcorn
Pros: Stellar animation, beautiful direction, great voice acting, has hilarious moments, and has fun new characters.
Cons: The story is a journey that is not necessary for Woody, Buzz becomes a complete idiot, and it is an ending that reaps all that was sown in the initial trilogy.

Juicy Hall of Fame Inductee“The Grand Budapest Hotel”
97%= Juicy Popcorn
Pros: Amazing cinematography, great direction, lovable characters and performances, fresh concept, entertaining, and the production design/costuming/make-up are off the charts.
Cons: Unnecessary sex and nudity moments, and I wish there was more time to carve out specific characters, like Willem Dafoe’s.

If only my rules weren’t inacted… well, “Toy Story 4” takes the cake and consequentally, the month of June. It will face “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse,” “Green Book,” “First Man,” “The Pilgrim’s Progress,” “Avengers: Endgame,” and the rest of the movie of the months to determine if it has what it takes to be the next Movie of the Year.

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