April Movie Rankings: or (The Biggest Blunder of Juicy Reviews)


You know, there have been plenty of screw-ups produced by this site. I’m a human being. Not only that, but I am a youngin’, forever growing in wisdom since I started this site at fourteen years old. However, what has become of this past April is a complete travesty: I only reviewed one film. Goodness gracious, that is horrendous. It completely tops that one time I only reviewed two movies in a month (no duh). So, there isn’t competition. 2019’s “The Pilgrim’s Progress” won the month, granted it being more so by technicality than a deserving nature. I contemplated posting a review and changing its post date to April so that there would be a battle, but I realized that I have to accept my mistakes, even though there wasn’t much I could do.

This past month had to be the busiest of my life. College is unforgiving, especially for a film major who has his hands in so many projects. The thought about sitting down to watch a movie is laughable, let alone sparing time to talk about it. I did see “Avengers: Endgame” before the month wrapped up, but I failed to sit down and write a review until now (which I will post shortly). It’s an inexcusable excuse to be too busy to post reviews, and I only hope that this summer gives me more free time to review a bunch of flicks and make some posts. I have no doubt in my mind we will see a bunch of more reviews; heck, it may be my last summer before I venture out into the unknown (film industry), so I am going to cram in as many posts as possible from now until the end of August.

As for now, we can bask in the shocking victory of “The Pilgrim’s Progress,” which will go toe-to-toe against “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse,” “Green Book,” and “First Man.” Good luck.

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