MOVIE REVIEW: “Vice” stars Christian Bale (The Dark Knight, American Hustle), Amy Adams (Arrival, Catch Me If You Can), Steve Carell (Little Miss Sunshine, Get Smart [2008]), Sam Rockwell (The Way Way Back, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri), Alison Pill (Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, Dan in Real Life), Eddie Marsan (Snow White and the Huntsman, The World’s End), Justin Kirk (Angels in America, Weeds [TV series]), LisaGray Hamilton (True Crime, Jackie Brown), Tyler Perry (Diary of a Mad Black Woman, Gone Girl), Lily Rabe (Miss Stevens, No Reservations), and Jesse Plemons (Black Mass, Breaking Bad [TV series]). It is written and directed by Adam McKay (The Big Short, The Other Guys). The story of Dick Cheney (Bale), from his early beginnings in politics to becoming and carrying out the roles of Vice President, with a catch.

Adam McKay knows how to gather a group together, doesn’t he? Christian Bale, Amy Adams, Steve Carell Sam Rockwell, the list goes on. And for a film about Dick Cheney? Boy howdy hey, must’ve been some pitch. I know almost to nothing about the former Vice President, and apparently not many others have. The guy has quite the story behind him, but then again, who doesn’t when working in politics? I bet everyone on Capitol Hill has a load of dirt behind them. When it comes to these biopics, it’s pretty much a give-or-take. While I understand that research is involved, there can be a level of bias when it comes to who mans the project. I don’t want to say that “Vice” is a flick full of fallacies, but it doesn’t seem true to form either. George W. Bush is essentially a buffoon of character like he’s straight out of SNL and Cheney pretty much tiptoes the line of textbook villain. Thankfully, McKay didn’t go all out and give him a maniacal laugh. There were some laughs to be had with this film, mind you, as “Vice” has some funny parts to it. Heck, I would go on to say that the comedic bits were my favorite of the feature, but that’s not really saying much to the overall drama that goes behind this Cheney tale. It’s interesting to say the least. Seeing his work in Washington D.C. provided some good entertainment, with some solid moments and direction that put it above your generic biopic. The style is fresh, especially in its comedic moments, and it does enough to at least keep you in your seat. Granted, there are quite a lot of parts that are slow-moving. That’s the thing about most biopics; depending on who it’s about, showing their life in almost its full can lead to dull moments that make you check the time. It’s not like “Vice” was culprit to this all the time, but it certainly did drag in parts. Overall, it’s an okay flick. There’s a lot of stellar performances onscreen, with a flawless one done by Christian Bale. My gosh, is he a great Cheney. Coupled with the brilliant make-up effects, he owned the role. I was disappointed by the character of George W. Bush, but at least Sam Rockwell made me laugh a few times (if only he had a bigger role). Overall, what you see by the trailer is what you get. “Vice” does seem to be too long for its own good, but at least it does its job to entertain and inform (however stable all the information actually is). FINAL SCORE: 71%= Burnt Popcorn

Here is the trailer:

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