IMPORTANT NOTICE: The Rambo Warrior Marathon


Juicy reviewer, you’ve been posting all about the Juicy Awards but haven’t released a single review for January yet… what’s the deal? Well concerned reader, fear not, for new reviews are here. Most of my January was spent not only prepping the Juicy Awards, but also watching all four “Rambo” films. Why? Because why not? Sylvestor Stallone comes back to the marathon chair with this franchise centered around a ripped Vietnam War veteran fighting battles that he didn’t ask for, all because “they drew first blood.” It should be a riveting set a reviews, taking place from January 14, 2019 to January 17th, 2019. Here are the movies:

Day One– “First Blood”
Day Two– “Rambo: First Blood Part II”
Day Three– “Rambo III”
Day Four– “Rambo”

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