It’s that time of the year again: award time! This is the sixth annual Juicy Awards, an awards show that typically spans over the whole month of January with an award being given to a film everyday (nominees chosen out of all the movies I reviewed over the course of 2018). However, last February, I made a post concerning the fate of the Juicy Awards. This fun event takes up too much of my time, and with every passing year my time is getting more and more slim to even devote a piece of myself to this awards show. Because I didn’t want to get rid of it entirely (what would be the point of the movie of the months?), I decided to cut down the amount of awards, therefore the amount of days.

How this will work is simple: each day I nominate and present an award to a film deserving of it. Once all the awards are handed out besides the Movie of the Year, I will then make elimination posts daily (for 13 days), knocking off nominees for the Movie of the Year until the fateful judgement day arrives and the winner is crowned. It certainly beats posting every hour, I’ll tell you that much!

So, what are the categories? Well, instead of over 25 awards, I will be presenting 14, one of which will be decided by YOU! (The Fan’s Pick award). The awards show will take place from January 3rd, 2019 to January 27th, 2019. Here are the list of the awards:

January 3rd– Best Animated Film
January 4th– Best Visual Effects
January 5th– Best Film Score
January 6th– Burnt Popcorn Award
January 7th– Worst Actor
January 8th– Worst Actress
January 9th– Fan’s Pick
January 10th– Best Supporting Actor
January 11th– Best Suppoorting Actress
January 12th– Walken’s Wild One
January 13th– Best Actress
January 14th– Best Actor
January 15th– Movie of the Month Winners
January 16th to January 27th– Movie of the Year Elimination/Winner

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