October Movie Rankings


Another month, another set of reviews. Overall, this month was spectacular. Quite a bit of home runs took place, regardless if they were new releases or not (obviously, I review flicks from all years). I even got to review something haunting in time for Halloween. I’d say this month has been a job well done; now let’s see who’s been crowned victor…

#4- “Solo: A Star Wars Story”
69%= Burnt Popcorn
Pros: Solid cinematography, cool atmosphere and costuming, the acting was alright, and had some entertaining moments.
Cons: There were too many characters sharing the screen (leaving little room for any particular characters to have solid development), Ehrenreich’s Han didn’t really breathe the same life as Harrison Ford’s interpretation, the story is bare bones, and the pacing is pretty slow.

#3- “The Blair Witch Project”
86%= Juicy Popcorn
Pros: Raw performances, realistic impression through means of direction and editing, and chilling.
Cons: Lacks rewatchability value, and there wasn’t much explanation as to how the filmmakers could’ve possibly retrieved this “found footage.”

#2- “American Animals”
92%= Juicy Popcorn
Pros: Stellar performances, great blend of documentary and narrative, has some intense scenes, and the plot is original.
Cons: There were a few dry spots in the story.

#1- “Bad Times at the El Royale”
95%= Juicy Popcorn
Pros: Phenomal cinematography, great set design and costuming, great performances, fun characters, witty/mysterious story with layers, good music, and is unpredictable.
Cons: There were a few loose ends not really tied up, and a common theme wasn’t strongly evoked (there were several, which is fine, but a common denomonator would’ve breathed more purpose into the story).


There you go! “Bad Times at the El Royale” has won October, and will face off against “Glengarry Glen Ross,” “Blade Runner 2049,” “Darkest Hour” (2017), “Avengers: Infinity War,” “Isle of Dogs,” “Dances with Wolves,” “Scarface,” “Rain Man,” “Shutter Island,” “Loving Vincent,” and the rest of the months’ winners to decide what film will be crowned 2018’s Movie of the Year.

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