Another year has wrapped, and so we arrive at a new Juicy Awards. Geez, five years of awards; isn’t that insane? I’m surprised I’ve kept it up this long, which brings me to an important point: this may be the final Juicy Awards. Don’t get me wrong, I love doing them. However, with each new year I get busier and busier, and since I am the only one running this site it gets tricky to keep it rolling out in good content (hence the lack of bulk reviews). The reviews will continue, as will the award of Movie of the Year, but the rest of the awards in general will be up for question. I will notify you all of my final decision, but until then, here are the categories and their dates!

January 2nd– Most Thrilling Movie
January 3rd– Most Confusing Moment, Most Shocking Moment
January 4th– Best Villain
January 5th– Funniest Character
January 6th– Burnt Popcorn Award
January 7th– Worst Villain
January 8th– Best Animated Movie
January 9th– Worst Character
January 10th– Funniest Movie
January 11th– Most Disgusting Moment
January 12th– Best Concept
January 13th– Most Watched Movie
January 14th– Why? Moment
January 15th– Awesomest Moment
January 16th– Ka-Boom! Award
January 17th– Best Movie Quote/Line
January 18th– Fan’s Pick Winner
January 19th– Best Visual Effects
January 20th– Worst Ending
January 21st– Best Character
January 22nd– Worst Actor
January 23rd– Worst Actress
January 24th– Best Supporting Actress
January 25th– Best Supporting Actor
January 26th-Best Actress
January 27th– Best Actor
January 28th– Best Music Score
January 29th– Walken’s Wild One Winner
January 30th– Movie of the Month Winners
January 31st– Movie of the Year Award

As always, I will make a separate post for the Fan’s Pick award, listing all of the films you all have to choose from!

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