In the Director’s Chair with Mel Brooks Marathon


It was only a matter of time until I viewed another director’s work; little did I know that it would be the comedy genius, Mel Brooks. With comedy features and parodies ranging from his start on 1967’s “The Producers” to his last directorial effort, “Dracula: Dead and Loving It,” Brooks has had a colorful career, though this marathon hones in on his first four flicks. Out of them, I have only seen parts of one, so this will be quite the fun experience! This marathon will take place from July 1st, 2017 to July 4th, 2017. Ladies and gentlemen, stay tuned for the director’s marathon of Mel Brooks!

Here are the days:
Day 1– “The Producers” (1967)
Day 2– “The Twelve Chairs” (1970)
Day 3– “Blazing Saddles”
Day 4– “Young Frankenstein”

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