Bone 25th Anniversary Binge-Read: Results


Yet another long marathon, spanning twelve days, has concluded. It was fun to look back over these “Bone” books that I grew up with, and read new ones in the process. Reviewing these definitely gave a different feel since I typically analyze film (and television, if you follow me on Facebook), and I hope these were satisfactory to those who read comic books. It was difficult to break down these books without repeating myself, but I believe you all get my point. These are magnificent works of fiction; don’t let the Scholastic logos and graphic novel term fool you!

1. “Crown of Horns”
Score: 97%= Juicy Popcorn

2. “The Dragonslayer”
Score: 94%= Juicy Popcorn

3. “Ghost Circles”
Score: 93%= Juicy Popcorn

3. “Eyes of the Storm”
Score: 93%= Juicy Popcorn

4. “Treasure Hunters”
Score: 92%= Juicy Popcorn

5. “The Great Cow Race”
91%= Juicy Popcorn

6. “Old Man’s Cave”
Score: 89%= Juicy Popcorn

7. “Out From Boneville”
Score: 88%= Juicy Popcorn

7. “Rose”
Score: 88%= Juicy Popcorn

8. “Bone: Coda”
Score: 87%= Juicy Popcorn

9. “Bone: Tall Tales”
Score: 86%= Juicy Popcorn

10. “Rock Jaw: Master of the Eastern Border”
Score: 85%= Juicy Popcorn

FINAL BINGE-READ SCORE: 90%= Juicy Popcorn

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