IMPORTANT NOTICE: Bone 25th Anniversary Binge-Read



What!? A graphic novel marathon? I thought you only reviewed films. Yes folks, I have never deterred from solely reviewing movies, but because it is the 25th anniversary of “Bone,” I am making an exception. What is “Bone”? Well, it is a series of comics, spanning many years and chronicling the adventures of the Bone cousins and their sudden entanglement with the fantasies and action outside of their hometown Boneville. Not only has it been twenty-five years (almost twenty-six) since “Bone” was created, but Jeff Smith, the creator of the series, has released a new book; one that I will review alongside the originals. In this marathon, I will be studying the graphic novel collections of the comics, which spans from “Out from Boneville” to “Crown of Horns,” as well as the single additions that were added after the series ended, including “Rose,” “Tall Tales,” and “Bone: Coda.” I will not review the “Quest for the Spark” series as well as the “Bone Handbook,” for they are different mediums (novels and behind-the-scenes stuff; yes, “Bone: Coda” is too, but it includes a new chapter of the series of “Bone”). This marathon spans from May 7th, 2017 to May 18th, 2017, and will not be added into movie rankings or the Movie of the Year running, since they are not films and are just for fun.

Here are the books:

Day 1– “Out from Boneville”
Day 2– “The Great Cow Race”
Day 3– “Eyes of the Storm”
Day 4– “The Dragonslayer”
Day 5– “Rock Jaw, Master of the Eastern Border”
Day 6– “Old Man’s Cave”
Day 7– “Ghost Circles”
Day 8– “Treasure Hunters”
Day 9– “Crown of Horns”
Day 10– “Rose”
Day 11– “Tall Tales”
Day 12– “Bone: Coda”

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