Juicy Awards IV- Funniest Character Nominees



  1. Ronald Chevalier, portrayed by Jermaine Clement (“Gentlemen Broncos”)
  2. Deadpool, portrayed by Ryan Reynolds (“Deadpool”)
  3. Spider-Man, portrayed by Tom Holland (“Captain America: Civil War”)
  4. Kip Dynamite, portrayed by Aaron Ruell (“Napoleon Dynamite”)
  5. Doug, voiced by Bob Peterson (“Up”)
  6. Ron Weasley, portrayed by Rupert Grint (The “Harry Potter” series)
  7. Nacho Libre, portrayed by Jack Black (“Nacho Libre”)
  8. Ant-Man, portrayed by Paul Rudd (“Captain America: Civil War”)
  9. Napoleon Dynamite, portrayed by Jon Heder (“Napoleon Dynamite”)
  10. Wayne Campbell, portrayed by Mike Meyers (“Wayne’s World”)

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