Juicy Awards IV- Worst Villain Nominees



  1. Dr. Doom, portrayed by Toby Kebbell (“Fantastic Four” [2015])
  2. Doomsday (“Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice”)
  3. Bane, portrayed by Tom Hardy (“The Dark Knight Rises”)
  4. Ajax, portrayed by Ed Skrein (“Deadpool”)
  5. Lex Luthor, portrayed by Jesse Eisenberg (“Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice”)

3 responses to “Juicy Awards IV- Worst Villain Nominees

  1. Have to disagree with Ajax, he provided a serious side to the story that allowed Deadpool to fully portray his true character. My best guess would be Dr. Doom as worst villain, the end fight was all he was really relevant in and it lasted all of a few minutes.

    • You could say the same thing about how Ultron affected the Avengers in their fight against him. That doesn’t mean he is a great villain. It means there is good character development on the hero end. Ultron lost in every meeting with the Avengers, just like Ajax whenever he ran into Deadpool. He was rather weak, and there was not one moment that I thought Deadpool couldn’t beat him; really, he was an outlet for revenge. Good guess on who the winner in though.

      • True, but Ajax didn’t lose every encounter. In the beginning Ryan Reynolds took a metal rod through the chest and was left to fry. But I see what you mean, Ajax never had a sliver of a chance against Deadpool.

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